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Hair Dye for Men

Men’s hair dye is not a new phenomenon by any standards. Since times immemorial, men have used natural dyes like henna and hair dye chemicals to hide greying hair and appear to look younger. However, hair dye has become increasingly popular in recent years and moved far beyond its traditional role of being a means to hide old age. 

In the past, hair dye was strictly considered a feminine indulgence, but it is no longer so. It has become very common for men of all ages to dye their hair in various shades to appear more stylish or add a tinge of personality to their outlooks. The advent of social media has played a key role in this regard.  With people having increased access to information about movie stars, musicians, sports icons and other social media influencers, styles, trends and fashions become more commonplace and easily accepted by a large section of the population.

Why hair dye for men – London?

Men’s hair dye is usually done for the same reason women dye their hair: to hide grey hair, look younger, express themselves creatively, or simply to follow a fashion trend. Whatever your need is, a high-end luxury salon like Hakim Elhocine will help you attain the goal you have set your eyes on. Our salon’s infrastructure and our team of experts will not only help you achieve your desired shade of hair, it will also help you with other services like beard dye and hair highlights, leaving you feeling fashionable and stylish all at once. Our experts will always guide you about the best hair dyes for men, and the best products to use to achieve your desired results.

Types of hair colours

One of the most popular types of hair dye options for men is semi-permanent hair colour. As the name suggests, semi-permanent hair colour can last for up to six weeks. The semi-permanent hair dye is ideal for men who want to experiment with a new look but do not want to commit to a shad permanently. Another such option is called the semi-permanent hair colour, which lasts a little longer than the semi-permanent option. It usually takes this type of colour to fade in about eight weeks. An added feature of this type of dye is that it can also improve stubborn grey hair without causing too much damage to the natural health of hair.

Besides these two, permanent hair dye is also an option but should be reserved for those who are dead sure on revamping their looks. Permanent hair colour remains with you permanently. You will only be able to get rid of the shade once all the hair with the shade grows out, or if you get a haircut to remove the locks.

Also gaining popularity among many men is the use of highlights. Highlights for men work similarly to highlights for women and can be performed in a number of ways. Again, highlights offer men a chance to add a little more character and depth to their hair without committing permanently to a particular shade or style. 

Always make sure that the look you are fixated on is ideal for your personality or at least helps you project yourself to the world. An expert hairstylist could come in handy in this instance and may be able to offer advice keeping in view your physical appearance and your personalised goals. A concerned hair expert who is well-versed in trends and styles could be the difference between you pulling off a style effortlessly and looking like you are trying way too hard. 

Men’s hair fashion and hair dye techniques have come a long way and continue to progress with the passing of each day. Whether they are minor highlights that you seek or a major style change that you are after, a professional stylist can help you get the desired results for sure.

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