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Natural-looking hair extensions while caring for your own hair

What’s the secret? 

We are always talking about celebs and their lustrous hair and how they grow their hair so long. What’s the secret behind it? How do we get that perfect Ariana ponytail look, Beyonce’s curly locks or the Kardashian style long voluminous hair? The answer to all of your questions are… Hair extensions. To get that instant and drastic change that you’ve been craving for can only be fulfilled with extensions. Having your short hair can be a challenge and hassle if you’d then like to have longer hair, but with extensions we can get your perfect desired look.


When choosing extensions,  you need to understand the types and their way of application so you can select what type would be more comfortable for you.

Hair extensions come in various forms and styles. When selecting hair extensions, you will have to keep in mind the longevity of them, the kind of hair used (remy or synthetic), colored or natural hair color.

Before installation, our hair expert team will have a thorough discussion with you regarding your demands and what will best suit you. At Hakim Elhocine, we offer remy hair only because human hair extensions will always blend in more seamlessly as they are way smoother and silkier, giving off the illusion of a naturally fuller and healthier look. You can wash them, use heating tools on them and style them however you feel like, whereas, a synthetic hair set can only bear a certain heat temperature, also they can’t really be styled. A synthetic hair set will definitely be cost efficient but will it be long lasting? Will it blend in your hair? Will you be able to style them the way you normally style your hair? A BIG NO! Then wouldn’t it be better to invest in the best hair extensions set? Of course! At Hakim Elhocine, we believe in providing our clients with the best quality products and premium services which is why we use remy hair only!

You will find a few different types of hair extensions that are installed in a different manner. A few being, clip-in, tape-in, sew-in or weaved, pre-bonded and fusion, microbeads, wigs and hair pieces. We offer three of the mentioned types. Let’s get into them.


Clip-in hair extensions come in strand pieces that are bonded to a piece of fabric or silicone that can then be clipped in the head. The clips vary depending on head coverage, that is, 1-4 clips or more. Styles like halo and ponytail extension are usually preferred in clip in form.

One of the easiest ways to apply hair extensions at home in a few minutes is to have clip-in hair extensions, not only are they easy to apply but can also be taken off after an event or when going to bed. They are the least damaging ones as no adhesive or chemical applications are required when clipping them on. Their placement can be changed according to the style as well making them versatile and the most popular one out of the other types. These hair extensions may last anywhere from a few months to a year or more, it all depends on their usage and after care.


Like the name applies, tape in hair extensions are aligned and taped into the roots with an adhesive and finally heating tools are used for bonding. You would typically want to get them reattached in 3 weeks which is when rooting (hair color) is required. This type of application generally damages your hair as adhesives and heating tools are required in the process. If the hair extensions are in a good condition, they can be reused otherwise a new set is used! 


Pre-bonded hair extensions are fused to the natural hair with application of glue taking about 3-4 hours. This type of hair extension is normally not preferred as it is quite damaging to your natural hair. Typically, a hot machine is used to clamp the hair strands to the natural hair by using adhesives for fusion. Depending on your hair growth, reinstallation may be required every 3-4 months.


We provide our clients with step-by-step instructions and tips on how to wash and care for your clip in hair extensions. Try using low heat settings and heat protectors prior to heat styling them with a hair dryer or straighteners. For further information, call Hakim Elhocine and ask for an. individual consultation, it may help you understand and choose what you’re looking for!

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