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Men Haircuts London

There is no denying the fact that when it comes to fashion these days, men are not far behind women in every aspect of the game. From stylish clothing to designer bags, and designer shoes, men of today indulge in all and everything.

Besides apparel and accessories, grooming has also become a necessary indulgence for men looking to maintain an outlook that helps them make a style and fashion statement and put their personality on display. And one of the easiest ways to express yourself in public is by sporting a killer hairstyle. Your hair is one of your most prized natural possessions and can be styled in a number of ways to reflect your mood, your frame of mind or just the vibes you are feeling from life during a particular period of your life. Hair, can be as versatile as the rest of you, provided you know where to get a proper men’s haircut from.

Men’s hair salons

The business of styling men has seen a rapid boom in recent years. With the internet and instagram making inroads into the remotest corners of the world, the desire to look good and similar to one’s favourite movie star, music icon, or sports personality has only grown stronger. There arose a growing need for high-end, bespoke services, and men’s hair salons rose to the occasion. Additionally, traditional men’s hairdressers had to up their styling game in order to stay relevant in the market. This led to healthy competition that eventually resulted in improved services for the end clients — the men.

Nowadays, many luxury hair salons have popped up in almost every neighbourhood of every city in the world, offering men’s haircuts like never before. 

These salons not do not just limit themselves to hairstyling but offer a wide array of services to their customers. These include hair colouring and styling, highlights and skin fades, and much more. At Hakim Elhocine, the team is always focused on helping you achieve your style and fashion goals. Our range of services, which include haircuts and hairstyling, are meant to keep you in verse with the fashion of the time, and nothing pleases us more than your contentment.


Although there are an uncountable number of hairstyles a man can choose from to express himself, there are few that always remain in style no matter what year you are living in or what part of the world you find yourself in. These include: 

The crew cut 

A true classic, the crew cut is achieved by sporting short hair with a horizontal side profile. Hair at the top of the head is left longer and gradually tapered off as you travel to the sides and the back. It’s a simple cut that carries a big style and happens to be one of the favourites of men’s hairdressers themselves. In fact, its hard to get it wrong with a crew cut. 

Side parting

Another classic that has taken on many forms throughout the history of fashion, the side parting is styled by parting hair to one side and combing them over. Whether you plan to keep your hair length short or a bit longer, you will always appear appealing with a side parting, be it at the beach or a ball. 


Fades are another hairstyle that has gained extreme popularity in recent years. The trick is to make the hair gradually fade from long to short to create a gradient effect. Global superstars like David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Zayn Malik and Justin Timberlake have sported the fade look at one time or the other, adding to its global appeal and popularity.

Slick back 

Popularised globally by films such as the Godfather and Goodfellas, the slick back look remains in style even today. It is a retro haircut whose appeal hasn’t waned even in the 21st century. To achieve this look, hair is combed back and held in place with the help of a holding agent like gel or pomade.

These are a few of the hundreds of hairstyles men can choose from while heading to your men’s hair salon. But don’t be fooled by every man with a scissor claiming to be a hairstylist. If you wish to express yourself through your hair, make sure you end up in the hands of people who understand style and can help you portray it without breaking a sweat. 

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Men Haircuts London
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