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London’s Best Waxing Salon - Hakim Elhocaine

Why choose waxing?

If you are looking for a way to remove unwanted hair from your body or perhaps your peach fuzz isn’t feeling so peachy anymore, waxing them off is a great option. Yes, there are other temporary options like shaving, hair removal creams and sprays but if you don’t want that stubble feel and are looking for a smoother skin that will last for longer, then waxing is ideal. We understand the pain of doing it at home and you end up missing spots, especially the back and other areas that are difficult to reach. Doing it yourself can be time consuming and messy, which is why we recommend you leaving it up to the experts. 

At Hakim Elhocine, you will be pampered like you’ve never been before. Our hygiene standards are maintained throughout the salon, for instance, sheets are laid over the waxing beds, new wooden sticks for wax application for every client, body lotion for soothing the skin later and taking off of the remaining wax is done by our staff. Our experts are gentle in their services as we know how painful the process can be.

Waxing can be unpleasant as it is but choosing from the whole range of waxes can be overwhelming as well. It can be daunting when selecting the wax type as the range is vast, from sugar to fruit wax.

Tyes of Waxes London

Ahead, we will break down the types of waxes available at Hakim Elhocine so, you may figure out what may best suit you.


Hard wax is typically used on skin with thick or fine hair as it is quite effective in removing unwanted hair. This type of wax is warmed up and a thick layer is then applied to the required area. Always remember the wax needs to be applied in the direction of the hair growth. Applying it in the opposite direction may irritate the skin when pulled leaving behind broken hair and possible growth of ingrown hair in the future. To remove the hard wax a lip like form is created which helps in pulling the wax off the skin. Multiple applications on the same area may result in rashes and irritation. This type of wax is effective on small areas mostly, like eyebrow wax, face wax, mustache wax, brow wax. Applying it on large areas, like leg waxing, may not be the best option because when applied on a large area the wax when pulled may leave behind broken hair leading to multiple applications. Hence, this type of wax is preferred to be used on sensitive skin. 


Sugar wax is one of the oldest and most popular waxing methods. It is traditionally made of lemon, sugar and water. These ingredients are boiled together in a pot till you get the right consistency. It works just like hard wax, that is, it grabs on to the hair and not the skin. Sugar wax is ruled out to be more sensitive to the skin in comparison to hard wax. It can easily be moved around which is why it is applied on large areas easily. The wax is applied while it’s warm and then left to cool down before pulling it off. This cooling off process helps in the wax grabbing all the hair under it, making it easy to remove the hair and dead skin along with it. Unlike hard wax which is resin based, sugar wax is water soluble making it more convenient when cleaning it off. It can be used on any part of the body, may it be your face and body wax or while getting a Hollywood wax or bikini wax. 

Hakim Elhocine will make sure to cater to their clients’ needs making sure they leave well satisfied with soft, smooth and silky skin. For more details contact us to book your waxing appointment at the salon.

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