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Best Hairdressers

Find the Best Hairdressers in Baker Street, London

Your hair is one of the most important aspects of your personality and can make or break how you are perceived by others. Along with your clothes and shoes, hair is one of the most noticeable of your features and one of the first things people notice once they meet you.

And good hair can only be styled by a great hairdresser. While on the browse on the internet, you will find tens of ads or beauticians and hair stylists promising you makeovers of a lifetime. Trouble is many of them will turn out to be all smoke and no fire.

If you are looking for making a lasting impression and being styled by some of the best hairdressers iu London, there are certain things you should be looking out for.

These include the hairdresser’s reputation, experience, qualifications, range of services, personalized service, cleanliness and hygiene, and pricing. Lets’s discuss why these matter.

Best Hairdressers in London

A reputation to bank on

It may take a hairstylist his or her lifetime to make a reputation that matches their skills. When it comes to beauty, people are extremely sensitive and wary of even the slightest of mistakes. So any small error on a stylist’s part will go a long way in tarnishing the reputation. In short, the margin of error for a hairstylist is minimal. So anyone who carries a great reputation is certain to have an enviable set of skills. You can always ask friends and family for recommendations or referrals, or browse social media channels to look for reviews and feedback.


The number of years a hairstylist has been performing in the field is a great indicator of his or her abilities. A hairdresser with years of experience under his or her belt is likely to have the skills and knowledge to offer advice on changing trends, techniques, and products that may go well with your hair type and preferences.

Certifications and qualifications are also good indications of someone’s abilities. A hairstylist who has been mentored by known stylists in top schools around the world is sure to live up to the mentors’ name.

Range of service

We are always pressed for time and no one really has the time anymore to visit one part of the town for getting nails done and then rush to the other part of the town for skincare treatment. What people want is a one-stop solution that offers them the best of everything. A hairstylist that is much more than a hairstylist is definitely worth a try.


Having a great stylist with his or her headquarters near your home is always going to sway your decision. For example, if you live near Baker Street in London, you first search on the internet will be for the “best hairdressers in Baker Street, London”. You will have celebrated names like Hakim Elhocine pop in your search results, a hairstylist that will leave you satisfied to the T.

Cleanliness and hygiene

It goes without saying that hygiene is an important factor for any business you are looking to engage with. But it becomes an essential factor to be considered when you think of a place where you allow your hair and skin get in contact with other human beings’ hands. Cleanliness has become even more important following the pandemic, as people have become used to higher standards of hygiene.


No matter how big a stylist you might be considering, you still want some value for your money. Business models in today’s age have made service providers highly flexible and competitive. This means even high-end service providers offer competitive rates. So you should always consider comparative prices when deciding where to head for a makeover this time.

Personalized service

While looking for a hairdresser, always see if the salon offers a personalized experience for your beauty needs. Places like Hakim Elhocine where the team takes the time to listen to your needs and understands your preferences are hard to come by. A hairdresser offering personalized care will work to achieve the look you want by engaging you and connecting with your on a personal level. Good hairdressers are not only professionals with a magical touch at the craft, they are more. They are friends looking out for your needs, something that should be highly cherished.

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