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Latest Hair Couture Trends for 2023

The Latest Hair Couture Trends for 2023

The best thing about a new year is that it brings along new hope, betterment, and new resolutions. Your plans for the New Year could include anything from a resolve to eat healthier and get fitter, finally take that long-postponed vacation to focus on your mental health, or simply taking the leap of faith by dying your hair in a shade you always thought was too bold for you.

We might not be able to offer much advice to you on matters related to health and vacationing except “more power to you”, we are certainly up for being your guide when it comes to matters related to your hair and how to style them in 2023.

Each year has its trademark hairstyles, and 2023 will be no different. So, if you are still undecided about which style to go for in 2023, sit back and relax. We have all the right information that will help you up your style game and choose from among the latest hair couture trends for 2023.

The Bullet Bob

The bullet bob happens when the classic bob meets the mullet. Bobs have always been a favorite among women that are looking for a no-frills (literally), easy-to-maintain hairstyle. Still, some women would want a bit of pizazz added to their hair. And, voila, you have the bullet bob! The bullet bob usually falls short on the sides and longer in the back, a hybrid between the classic bob and the mullet. It is very low-maintenance yet stylish look to spice up things this year.

Slick back

If you plan to exude confidence, nothing exhibits it like a slick-back look that places you at the center of everyone’s attention.

Hair swept back using various kinds of hair products allows you to put your features up for display fully, something that projects the assurance that you feel about yourself and that you are not afraid to face any situation that may arrive. It also gives you a stately appearance that will make you the apple of everyone’s eye.

The Bixie

We may be seeing a trend here, considering the choices are leaning towards low-maintenance hairstyles. The next hairstyle that is likely to persist throughout 2023 is the Bixie, a cross between the pixie and the bob.

A pixie cut features short layers around the crown and longer layers around the bangs and sides. The bixie extends the pixie by adding a bit of length to your hair. It will be totally up to you if you decide to keep the length up to your ears or right down to your shoulders. Rest assured you will have no points detected for style.

Bottleneck Bangs

Bangs have always remained in style over the years, but bottleneck bangs are where the game will be in 2023. Top hairstylists like Hakim Elhocine in London suggest bottleneck bangs will be opted for by many women as they offer style and ease in one go. The idea for 2023 is to play with fringes for a soft or bold look, whichever one is your cup of tea.


Like always, you just can’t put the classic bob out of style. It has persisted for decades and yet still looks fresh as the morning every time it is done right. The team at Hakim Elhocine says the bob is a timeless hairstyle that makes it among the top hairstyles every year. Just like the bottleneck bangs, fringes are what will make your bob haircut unique and highly personalized. Ask your hairstylists to suggest a fringe line that accentuates your features and helps you remain effortlessly chic.


Going strong since the 1970s, the shag hasn’t lost any of the steam that first made it a sensation among stylish women. The choppy layers that the shag entails are set to leave you with texture and motion in your hair and help you leave an impression that lasts long after you have left. Its versatility lies in the cut being able to complement all types of face structures, which is why it makes our list of top hair couture trends for 2023

Bold shades

Pink? Turquoise? Purple? Nothing says you have arrived like a head full of bright here that leaves onlookers wanting for more. In recent years, bold shades like pink have become the weapon of choice for women looking to express themselves and their emotions, and the trend is likely to continue through 2023. Pink will likely take the center stage given the renewed adoration of the world with Barbie, especially since the first movie is due this year.

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